Month: October 2016

Zombie Rush — DDoS Botnets

By Logan Kipp

It’s Halloween and zombies are afoot. They’re not coming through the windows or wading through the streets, though. The massive zombie horde approaches through the spider-filled web that has been spun to cover the entire world … the worldwide web, that is. However, it isn’t an undead army we have to worry about, although one could not say what is yet to come this All Hallows’ Eve, it’s botnets of zombie machines that have taken aim to disrupt services.

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wordcamp sacramento 2016

WordCamp Sacramento 2016 – The Goldrush

By Logan Kipp

California’s capital held its second annual WordCamp Sacramento this weekend at Sacramento State University’s Harper Alumni Center. #WCSAC spanned two days and offered two separate tracks, Calaveras and El Dorado, in the theme of the gold rush. Compared to last year when it was just getting its legs underneath it, WCSAC has really grown into a camp to be reckoned with.

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wordcamp san antonio 2016

WordCamp San Antonio 2016 – Something to Remember

By Adam Warner

Last week I was in the great state of Texas at WordCamp San Antonio. Since I wasn’t speaking, I was able to fully submerge myself in just being an attendee.

I arrived the day before and that meant I had a few hours to sightsee.

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Managing Multiple WordPress Websites

How to Manage Multiple WordPress Websites

By Adam Warner

Perhaps you’re just getting started developing WordPress websites for clients, or maybe you’ve been doing it for years. Either way, it’s likely that you’ve found yourself managing multiple WordPress installations.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the challenges of managing multiple websites and how to solve them by streamlining your workflow and task management.

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wordcamp cincinnati 2016

Cincinnati WordCamp 2016

By Logan Kipp

In what became a very WordPress weekend, I attended WordCamp Cincinnati the day after attending WordCamp Rochester. Like Rochester, this too was Cincinnati’s inaugural camp. #WCCincy took place Saturday and Sunday in the modern concrete-metallic-designed Tangeman University Center at the University of Cincinnati.

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Interview with Steve Bennett

Steve Bennett (Real Big Marketing) – WordPress Community Interview

By Adam Warner

In today’s episode of the community interview series, I spoke with Steve Bennett of Real Big Marketing. I first met Steve at WordCamp Northeast Ohio and then again this past weekend at WordCamp Ann Arbor. He’s a regular WordCamper and all-around nice guy.

Steve has been involved in client work for years and comes from a traditional print background. Watch while he describes how he found WordPress and why he utilizes it for marketing automation processes for clients.

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WordCamp Rochester 2016

Rochester’s Inaugural WordCamp 2016

By Logan Kipp

This past weekend took me to the far-flung land (for this Arizona resident, that is) of Rochester in upstate New York for the inaugural WordCamp Rochester. #WCROC was organized by Emily Carpenter, Rob Marriage, and one of my new friends that I met at WordCamp Pittsburgh, Michelle Ames.

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wordcamp ann arbor 2016

WordCamp Ann Arbor – “It’s the Little Things”

By Adam Warner

I had the pleasure of traveling to my home state of Michigan this past weekend to attend, and speak at, WordCamp Ann Arbor.

#WCA2 was one of the most uniquely scheduled WordCamps I’ve been to this year. I wasn’t surprised because I’ve gotten to know Kyle Maurer, Lead Organizer, over the past six months and his passion for the community and doing things creatively is obvious.

One example of this was the music selection that played at the afterparty event. It was comprised of jazz music from all the artists that each version of WordPress was named after. This was just one of “the little things” that the title of this post refers to.

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Celebrities Run on WordPress

By Tracy Ferrick

Once upon a time, when you heard the name “WordPress” you thought of blogs and family reunion websites. Over the past decade, WordPress has become a powerhouse platform, running more than 25 percent of the internet. In fact, WordPress is the most popular content management system on the web today.

WordPress powers some of the world’s biggest brands, including UPS, PlayStation, Mercedes-Benz and many, many more. It also drives the websites of famous A-list celebrities. And when we say A-list, we mean A-list.

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ask a security professional

Ask a Security Professional: Content Delivery Networks — Part One: The Purpose

By Logan Kipp

Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) have been the subject of many conversations for me lately. I think primarily because people are becoming more aware of just how significantly site speed can impact visitor turnover and SEO. With the ever-increasing complexity of interactive websites, server resources are being taxed more than ever; unfortunately, this is often at the cost of site speed. Generally, visitors have come to favor these more interactive features, increasing the demand for complex applications that require more resources. CDNs have become the favored choice to tip the scale of performance back in favor of speed.

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