Month: June 2016

WordCamp Europe 2016 Recap

By Adam Warner

At 2,200 attendees, WordCamp Europe (#WCEU) 2016 was officially the largest WordCamp ever held. Tickets sold out over six months in advance, prompting organizers to quickly allocate additional tickets and arrange additional presentation space.

WCEU 2016 was hosted in the MuseumsQuartier of beautiful Vienna, consisting of three very large tracks and the sponsor hall, where the SiteLock booth could be found front and center. From a total 220 applicants, 75 speakers were selected to present at WCEU on subjects ranging from the REST API to figuratively “herding cats.”

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Ask a Security Professional: Firewall Series – Part Three: Stateless vs Stateful

By Logan Kipp

In Part Three of our firewall series, we’re drilling down into some of the mechanisms used in firewalls, namely the progression from stateless to stateful packet filtering. First, packet filtering is the action of inspecting the traffic traversing the firewall’s network to determine if the traffic is meeting the firewall’s security policy. Traffic conforming to the firewall’s security policy is allowed to proceed, while traffic not meeting the policy (e.g. a malicious attempt) is blocked.

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Case Study : YeeWittleThings

By Lauren Papagalos

Company Background

Brandi Yee is the owner and writer of YeeWittleThings, a family-friendly blog that offers product reviews, giveaways, recipes and lifestyle information to its readers. Yee is happily married, has two kids and takes pride in writing about family-focused topics.

Yee’s passion lies in her blog. “I started my blog over six years ago as a way of creating an outlet for my passion of writing, but also to connect with families and offer them recipes, honest reviews on family-friendly products and the opportunities to try those products themselves,” she says.

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David Bisset Interview

WordCamp NEO – WordPress Community Interviews

By Adam Warner

In this edition of our WordPress Community Interview series, we chatted with a few of the folks we met at WordCamp Northeast Ohio.

It’s always interesting learning how others found WordPress, what they’re using it for, and what they intend to do in the future.

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WordCamps: How They Started and Why You Should Go

By Ashley Baldwin

WordCamps represent the very pulse of the WordPress community, brought to life with the enthusiasm and contributions of hundreds, if not thousands, of WordPress enthusiasts. They are becoming more and more prevalent throughout the United States and around the globe. With so much excitement and growth, we wanted to take a look back at where WordCamps started and why they have become such a strong force in the WordPress community.

A Brief History

The first WordCamp was the creation of Automattic Founder and CEO, Matt Mullenweg.

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WordCamp Kansas City – Part of the Family

By Logan Kipp

My last WordCamp for Spring 2016 was the in the “BBQ Capital of the World,” Kansas City, Missouri (#WCKC). WordCamp Kansas City is one of the few WordCamps that spans a three-day period, starting Friday morning. We jumped straight into sessions by noon on Friday and kept it going strong all the way through Sunday afternoon, with a cozy afterparty-style meet-up to conclude each day. Both the Friday and Saturday sessions took place at the Kauffman Conference Center, while Sunday’s sessions were held at the Sprint Accelerator workspace.


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WordCamp Northeast Ohio – A Perfect Event Among the Trees

By Adam Warner

If you live in Cleveland, Akron, Lorraine, Canton, Youngstown or anywhere in-between in Ohio you’re in the heart of a thriving WordPress community. WordCamp NEO was held this past weekend at the Kent State University Hotel and Conference Center. It was a great 2-day event with many important takeaways.

SiteLock was a sponsor and I had some great conversations with many of our fellow community members. In addition to sharing website security tips, we also learned a lot from everyone else attending.

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Ask a Security Professional: Black Box vs. White Box Series – Part Two: White Box Testing

By Logan Kipp

Part Two: White Box Testing

In case you missed it, we spoke about Black Box testing in the last part of this series. Today, I’m going to go over Black Box testing’s counterpart, White Box testing. In terms of WordPress website security, White Box testing is the practice of testing the code running behind the scenes from the inside-out. Internal testing can be accomplished through use of various tools to seek out any vulnerabilities that may exist. White Box testing is typically executed in the form of Static Application Security Testing (SAST).

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Bring on the Beans: We’re Going to WordCamp Boston

By Ashley Baldwin

We’re packing our bags and getting ready to head out to the beautiful northeast for this year’s WordCamp Boston. Join us July 23-24 at the George Sherman Union for a jam-packed weekend of networking, inspiring talks and of course, great WordPress swag!

Keep an eye out for our friendly WordPress Evangelist Adam W. Warner, he’ll be holding down our sponsor table!


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Michael Hull – WordPress Community Interview

By Adam Warner

In today’s post, we’re kicking off our WordPress Community Interview series with Michael Hull, an experienced developer with Big Boom Design in Asheville, North Carolina.

Why We’re Conducting Community Interviews

We love WordPress and the community surrounding it. Because we’re active in the community daily we often see just a handful of individuals getting noticed regularly when there are millions of other active users, developers and business owners doing great things with the software.

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