Month: February 2016

WordCamp Jacksonville

We Can’t Stay Away!

By Tracy Ferrick

We had such a good time @WordCampMiami that we’re heading back to the Sunshine State in April for @WordCampJax.

We’re stoked to be sponsoring and attending the inaugural WordCamp Jacksonville at Florida State College in April. We’ll be soaking in the sun, handing out swag (spoiler: it’s awesome), and of course meeting all of you incredible WordPressers! So mark April 16th and 17th on your calendar and we will see you there!

So mark April 16th and 17th on your calendar and we will see you there!

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Speed Optimization with CDN

Speeding Up Your WordPress Site with a CDN

By Wyatt Morgan

A content delivery network (CDN) is a network of powerful computers located in geographically disparate locations designed to serve web content to visitors with higher performance and efficiency. When a user visits a site using a CDN, the traffic routes through the closest or most efficient server for that user and serves up cached, or stored, versions of the site resources. This allows the site to load faster and eliminate requests back to the origin server. Common resources served by a CDN include static resources like images, HTML, CSS and JavaScript files.

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WordPress plugin vulnerability

Authentication Failure in File Browser, Manager, Backup (+ Database) WordPress Plugin

By Gregory Bloom

While reviewing malware, the SiteLock Research Team detected suspicious code in a WordPress plugin. We reviewed the suspicious code and found the plugin wasn’t malicious per se, though it was potentially vulnerable to attack. We will discuss the plugin and analyze its unique authentication issues, and then discuss mitigation and the dangers of using unsupported plugins.

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