Month: November 2015

5 signs website hacked

5 Signs Your WordPress Website Has Been Hacked

By Weston Henry

Being the victim of a website hack isn’t always obvious. Here are five ways to tell if your WordPress website has fallen victim to a hacker, and they’re not what you might expect.

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4 steps protect WordPress

4 Easy Steps to Protect Your WordPress Site

By Weston Henry

Whether just taking the plunge into the WordPress wonderland to launch a personal blog or full-fledged ecommerce site, or you’ve been using WordPress for a while now, it was a good choice. With a mature code base, a plethora of plugins and themes, and a vibrant, helpful community, WordPress is the ideal platform to create a rich presence on the web.

For WordPress security needs–from the development workstation to the server hosting the site—there are simple steps site owners and developers can take to help ensure a site’s overall security.

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We’re Going to WordCamp U.S.!

By Tracy Ferrick



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