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Neill Feather, President: We founded SiteLock in 2008 with the idea that we wanted to make website security available, approachable, and affordable, for customers and businesses of all sizes.

Weston Henry, Supervisor, Web Security Research: I like working at SiteLock because of the challenge, the fast-paced challenge.

Skyler St. John, Graphic Designer: SiteLock has a unique active and friendly environment. Everywhere you go, there’s people milling around and having fun, and you always hear someone laughing off in the other corner of the office, or right next to you.

Ally Hale, Team Lead:I feel like we have a culture where the management actually really supports the employees, and I feel that as a company we actually take really good care of our employees, which is amazing.

Neill Feather: Our mission is simple– we want to protect every website on the Internet.

Eli Lopez, Sales Manager: So, first and foremost I would say is by putting the customer first, that’s got to be the number one priority, and any of our day-to-day is do what’s right by the customer.

Jenna Swift, Team Lead: I will do whatever it takes to ensure customer success, and for me it starts with customer service—listening to a customer, understanding. And then resolving the problem.

John Booker, Partner Sales Team Manager: Customer success is always customers first. You come in every day trying to do the best for the customer and really thing about that, keep that in the forefront of your mind, then everything else is going to fall into place.

Eli Infante, Sales Consultant: Just being able to give the customer, not on a sale perspective, but more as a friend. And being able to build a relationship with them.

Neill Feather: We don’t think that every business owner needs to be an expert on website security; they just need access to those experts when they need them. And that’s what we’re looking to provide at SiteLock, and that’s what we think makes our company special.

SiteLock has been protecting websites since 2008, with a varied team that continues to grow every day. Our diverse backgrounds allow us to better understand and meet customer needs with a culture focusing on respect, positivity and fun. And with leadership that is committed to the team, that commitment is passed along to our customers.

Above all else, we are dedicated to customer success. Whether it be your online portfolio, business site or blog—fighting malicious activity, protecting your website and helping you through the process when something happens is why we are here.

We currently protect over four million WordPressers and we want to protect you too.

Our Garage Story

SiteLock, originally named TrueShield, started in 2008 as a moonlighting project for us (Neill Feather and Scott Lovell). For the first three years, we kept our start-up a secret, because we were both working fulltime jobs; Neill in Jacksonville, Florida and Scott in Boston.

As many of you know or can imagine, juggling jobs, families and a start-up is exhausting. All-nighters and interrupted vacations were the norm for us (including one time when Scott was holed up in a Bermuda hotel room for 24 hours straight trying to solve a critical technical issue). Yet, our vision and passion to make enterprise-level website security services accessible and affordable for small to medium-sized businesses and individuals overshadowed everything.

Contrary to popular belief, not all tech start-ups are housed in SoHo loft spaces or contemporary offices in Silicon Valley. Case in point—SiteLock. The first office space in Scottsdale, Arizona wasn’t really meant to be an office at all. SiteLock’s sister company, Nextiva, was gracious enough to loan their game room to the first SiteLock employees. You read correctly—a game room. Some of the original workspaces at SiteLock were computers and phones on a pool table! As SiteLock moved up in the world to a slightly larger space, the offices went for a “vintage” feel with makeshift office furniture found at garage sales.

Over the years, SiteLock has grown from two team members to over 170 and now scans over 6 million websites every day. Products and services continue to evolve and partnerships are constantly developing. The office space is much larger now and most importantly, a pool table is no longer used as desk space!

We’ve come a long way; however, our original vision remains—accessible, affordable website security for all.



Neill Feather and Scott Lovell establish SiteLock (TrueShield)—a website security company providing enterprise-level solutions to the SMB market.


SiteLock sets up shop in Scottsdale, Arizona with just two team members.


Neill opens the Jacksonville, Florida office, and the Scottsdale office, now with 15 team members, moves to larger office space to handle its more than 450,000 customers.


SiteLock launches its industry-leading, patented SMART scanning solution.


Growing by leaps and bounds, Neill relocates to Scottsdale and the 40-member team moves again to larger office space, serving over 980,000 customers.


Already serving over 1 million WordPress customers, SiteLock immerses itself in the WordPress society with The District website, event sponsorships, podcasts and community outreach.


With over 8 million customers, SiteLock once again relocates to larger office space to accommodate 170 team members and continues to break new ground in small to medium-sized enterprise website security.

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